Monday, December 20, 2010

this is too gross.

people are insane.

when i was assisting in a kindergarten classroom, back when i was prepping for a master's degree in education, i became the makeup police. i was so known for confiscating lipstick and eyeshadows from five-year-olds that they would literally apologize when they had to use chapstick. i was fine with that. more than fine with that. no girl in kindergarten should sneak into the class bathroom (complete with tiny lowered mirrors) to apply mascara at snack time. it's insane. it's sad.

i'll acknowledge that i'm coming from the complete opposite of the glamour spectrum, having been raised by a mother who only wore makeup to parties (if at all) and never insisted i needed anything else to be amazing. also: i got my first manicure at 18, when my shameful secret about my virgin nails was discovered by a horrified new college friend, i did my own nails for my wedding, and i don't get people with good skin wearing foundation.

that being said: being a kid is awesome. i desperately miss running around outside like a hellion and not giving two shits what my hair looked like. therefore, i still hold very firmly to my belief that children should be protected from feeling that they need something outside themselves to be accepted. kids have their teenage years to feel like they'll never be good enough - they should at least be carefree when they are legitimately children.

i've gone with kids to get manicures and have no problem with occasional silly pampering. however, instilling in your children when they are practically infants that their appearance is the most important thing about them is pretty disturbing. i've got my fair share of self-esteem issues (thanks, acne!), but i've tried to prevent them in the children i've taught, not perpetuate them.

i can't wait to be the BEST PARENT EVER. haha.

Friday, December 10, 2010

free bird!

finals are over and i'm only working monday-friday (only - with hours like 6:30 am to 5 pm, only is a bit of an understatement), so this means i have a wide-open, stress-free weekend for the first time in three months. this is very exciting. luke and i have plans to hang up all the framed photos that have been kicking around the house since we moved in and to decorate for christmas. due to the dog, and lack of space in our new living room, we've decided to buy a small, potted fir tree, which will be laden with ornaments and placed on the dining table. then, we can plant it in the backyard after the holidays. i used to scoff at my parents when we had our "potted oak tree" christmas trees, and yet here i am, becoming them. it's frightening.

since getting off work at 5, i've eaten my weight in baja with luke, cuddled with the cats, laid on the couch with the dog and caught up on all my websites - essentially, i'm already making the most of my weekend.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

shovels, finals, puppies

i am exhausted. like, bone tired. i've been working 10 hour days at the excavation and have developed a new diet craze that will soon take the place of south beach and weight watchers. it is called "dig a hole" and is really fairly simple. just grab a shovel and start digging a massive trench. it's awesome for your shoulders, back, arms and abs. especially when you do it for many hours.

also, tonight i have my osteology final, which will officially herald the end of this quarter. this, of course, no longer means i'll have three weeks to unwind and eat cookies, as i'll be working at the excavation until the end of time, BUT it does mean that i will be done with insane practical exams and gut-wrenching panic attacks at least until w
inter quarter starts.

also also, because luke and i are the king and queen of horrible timing, last weekend we decided to adopt a dog. granted, i am absolutely in love with her and she's amazing, but getting a puppy right before finals and just as i started working a lot and right before luke starts working entirely for himself is a little crazed. it would be safe to say that we're feeling the burn at the moment.

here she is, miss america :)
soooo adorable. and hopefully she'll forgive us for being so crazy all the time.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

love you.

one year ago today, i was still engaged, working at a preschool, taking night classes a local community college to get some early childhood education classes and completely directionless. i was also the great-granddaughter of an incredibly amazing woman whose life history would probably read like a fabulous novel. my grandmother was a spectacular example of what one person can accomplish given any odds. also, she was one of the most hysterical people i've ever met and gave me the best gift possible: a close, loving family that gets together not because we have to but because we really want to.

my grandma edna died one year ago today, and it was reflecting on her life and her immense passion for learning and growing and family this past year that inspired me to get my act together and start pursuing the things i truly love in life. so, even though she's gone, she's still making me a better person. thanks, grandma. i love you.