Friday, December 10, 2010

free bird!

finals are over and i'm only working monday-friday (only - with hours like 6:30 am to 5 pm, only is a bit of an understatement), so this means i have a wide-open, stress-free weekend for the first time in three months. this is very exciting. luke and i have plans to hang up all the framed photos that have been kicking around the house since we moved in and to decorate for christmas. due to the dog, and lack of space in our new living room, we've decided to buy a small, potted fir tree, which will be laden with ornaments and placed on the dining table. then, we can plant it in the backyard after the holidays. i used to scoff at my parents when we had our "potted oak tree" christmas trees, and yet here i am, becoming them. it's frightening.

since getting off work at 5, i've eaten my weight in baja with luke, cuddled with the cats, laid on the couch with the dog and caught up on all my websites - essentially, i'm already making the most of my weekend.

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