Thursday, July 2, 2009


i am having a tantrum.  a full-on two-year-old's tantrum, stemmed from the totally improbable crushing (for the third time in two weeks!) of my broken pinky toe.  i broke the toe a few weeks ago after slamming my foot into a phone jack mounted on the living room wall.  it hurt very badly.  then, after keeping it tightly wrapped with waterproof tape for a week and carefully nursing it back to health, i knocked it into a table leg, which again, hurt very badly.  and tonight, just two days after i stopped wearing the first aid tape because the toe was starting to heal, i dared to wander through a particularly dimly lit hallway in the apartment, at which point i accidentally kicked my foot into a cat - a cat that then completely freaked out and sliced me good.  thus, not only have i screwed my toe pretty outrageously for the third time, i now have long, bloody claw marks running on top of the bruises i'd be trying to heal.  does this insanity happen to anyone else?  who re-snaps their toe bones on the sweet, fluffy fur of a cat (aside from me, obviously)?

so, i'm sitting in bed, in the dark, listening to luke's newly minted sleepy time tooth-gnashing habit, silently fuming about my toe.  tantruming, at 22.