Tuesday, April 8, 2008

it returns

i've just given up on an attempt to type up a spanish composition because one of the cats, namely penny, an incredibly curious black hellion, has refused to leave my papers alone.  earlier this afternoon, she ate the number '1' key off of my laptop and scratched three perfect little slices into my open spanish notes.  i've calmed her enough in my lap so that she is now asleep (or at least pretending to be) and i'm going to use this slight reprieve to finally kick off this new exercise in self-importance.

i went back and read entries in the old blog, and i think i miss being able to play with words while still being able to talk about myself.  i think enough crazy shit still happens to me, despite the fact that i now totally deny drama into my life, that a regularly updated journal might actually be entertaining.  i won't be going on dates with people i meet online or giving my number to homeless men or feeling terrible about myself (maybe), but hopefully i'll still be relevant.  we'll see.

right now, i'm just truly enjoying my life.  i think i'm in a very unique place.  i'm about eight weeks shy of a college diploma, and am about to be let into the world with no plan or structure or foreseeable employment.  however, i think my distance from this reality (however short it is) makes this a hugely interesting time.  i can feel adult and grown-up and accomplished without having to really come to terms with what it means to be a big kid looking for a real job.  i guess this is the calm before the storm and may not last very long, but if that is the case, i should enjoy it all i can.
more to come.