Monday, February 6, 2012

food fight.

i'm currently simultaneously not working AND not panicking about that for the time being, which is a feat in and of itself (luke is supporting us until i finish coursework in june, as a) we can afford that sort of one-income family crap for a few months and b) both of us working twelve hour days = two grown married people living in college dorm squalor).  however, as much as this arrangement lessens the crazy money perma-stress i've been carrying around for pretty much the entirety of my grad school career, it has illuminated to me yet another problem: namely, i am a terrible cook.  as in, horrible.  i have one staple meal that is delicious, but as it is a spicy, bean-heavy veggie chili, it is not acceptable for daily consumption (at least not in a world where we want to fit into our jeans on a daily basis).  also, i make a mean veggie saute that can be eaten over microwaveable trader joe's rice (or, in the case of the photo below, an israeli couscous quinoa mixture that i had to actually boil - can you believe it?).

however, aside from these two culinary masterpieces, i am hopeless.  i attempted to make a potato and pea curry the other night and it was such an epic failure i couldn't photograph it because i was too busy crying in the bathroom about what a huge waste of time and money it was.

it almost makes me miss the days we ate out all the time.  i am actually pretty convinced that when one's definition of "dining out" is "subway sandwiches and bean and rice plates from baja fresh," it's actually cheaper to eat out than it is to cook at home.  more importantly, it's easier, which is good enough for me.