Wednesday, August 3, 2011


first of all, it's august.  how the hell did that happen?

secondly, it's been on or around ten thousand degrees around these parts recently; so hot in fact that it's blazing in the house even with the air conditioning on.  we've gone from freezing ice box in the winter to raging microwave in the summer, all while living in relatively temperate southern california, so i'm definitely of the opinion that there is no insulation in this house.  joy.

thirdly, dess.  her abscess surgery was on a wednesday and by saturday, she'd managed to get her paw around the plastic cone and rip out the drain and all her stitches.  i rushed her to the emergency vet, where for $100 they told me that it was fine, she'd fine, drains coming out after three days are fine.  obviously, the extra expense was nasty, considering i'm unemployed and currently living the lifestyle of an employed person, but i'm happy to report that by tearing out her drain, dess probably did us all a favor.  by the following tuesday, less than a week after her surgery, her head looked like this:

amazing.  here she is today, officially two weeks from her surgery:

color me glad that she's better and all healed up and growing back fur.  i even sorta appreciate her pawing out her drain, because we'd still be in full cone/drain mode at this point if she hadn't.  her only problem now is hating me for being boring all day long.  it's too hot to go for a walk until the evening and i'm hesitant to run around with her in the backyard now that i'm personally convinced that the diving around in the mulch-y yard is what caused her eye/head infections.  thus, i bore her.