Wednesday, December 1, 2010

love you.

one year ago today, i was still engaged, working at a preschool, taking night classes a local community college to get some early childhood education classes and completely directionless. i was also the great-granddaughter of an incredibly amazing woman whose life history would probably read like a fabulous novel. my grandmother was a spectacular example of what one person can accomplish given any odds. also, she was one of the most hysterical people i've ever met and gave me the best gift possible: a close, loving family that gets together not because we have to but because we really want to.

my grandma edna died one year ago today, and it was reflecting on her life and her immense passion for learning and growing and family this past year that inspired me to get my act together and start pursuing the things i truly love in life. so, even though she's gone, she's still making me a better person. thanks, grandma. i love you.

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