Monday, February 14, 2011


it's valentine's day!  yay.  if my last post was any indication, i'm obviously not super into participating in events that foster unreal expectations (and therefore almost always come with disappointment).  i don't like getting so totally carried away with how television tells me things ought to be that i can't enjoy things are they are. things that often get corrupted by media: christmas, thanksgiving, birthdays, new year's eve, valentine's day.  that's not to say i don't love holidays.  i am my mother's child.  i could decorate you all under the table.  i am a sucker for party stores and i am obsessed with making things memorable.  i just don't think memorable often syncs with traditional (in the box of chocolates, bouquet of flowers sense).  i will love luke regardless of whether or not he buys me a diamond necklace because no, not every kiss begins with kay.  (i also kinda take offense to the idea that the purest way to prove to a woman that you love her is to buy her diamonds and chocolates once a year.)

so anyway, what are luke and i doing for valentine's day?  i'm scouring the interwebs for jobs that aren't scams/panicking about how i haven't made any money in four weeks and luke's doing graphic design work for a local bookstore.  tonight, we'll probably eat leftovers and maybe i'll make some cookies/brownies.  we'll also watch some really embarrassing tv shows that i'm not even going to name (let's just say they're on abc family).

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Amperes said...

scott and i have a grand night of project runway and getting his portfolio condensed into a video to show some people in portland... hurray for holidays!