Tuesday, February 15, 2011

vd in review

valentine's day breakdown:

what we didn't do: eat leftovers or watch our shitty favorite shows.

what we did do: wash a ton of laundry and clean up the back patio so that it is now functional* and not embarrassing, make pasta and homemade garlic bread, eat by really dark candlelight (damn no-dimmer lights!), snack on the peanut butter cookies i made (which are luke's favorite and were by far the best i've ever had - recipe: bookmarked), and then watched when harry met sally, which is still one of my favorite movies, despite the fact that i've watched probably ten zillion times.  it was a very relaxed, very productive day.  go us.  (also, we spent zero dollars, as everything we ate and entertained ourselves with was already here.  oh, the glory of being cheap bastards.)

oh, this is old news by now, as it was established on sunday, but i've roped luke and anya, one of my favorite people in the universe, into starting a crafting company with me.  ok, company might be a little extreme.  business perhaps.  i figure if i'm sitting around here all day anyway, i might as well attempt to throw my (knit) hat into the online crafting ring.  i was inspired by my baby shower gift creations.  i happen to think they were pretty amazing.  and as i was throwing this idea around in my braincase, anya came to visit, bearing this book as a gift for me:

what are the chances?  obviously, anya and i are not only soul mates, but are also destined to rule the world of little baby clothing.

*when we lived in our apartment, our kitchen had a really odd empty space right by the oven, which provided the distant, depressing promise that either a dishwasher or more counter space had once existed there.  so sad.  instead, we stuck a really amazing stainless steel chef's table into the hole and it worked perfectly for us for two years.  in this house, however, there is no gaping hole in the kitchen (as they completed it before renting it to us - imagine that!) and so our awesome table hung out for about three months propped against the back of the house, just waiting for a new job.  yesterday, luke repurposed it as a gardening/potting station, and we arranged all of the potted succulents on it (succulents from my bouquet and from our party favors, which still live and give me much joy).  we also have another area set up for barbeque'ing, which will have to wait patiently until we have enough money for a BBQ.  :(

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