Thursday, February 10, 2011


i am obsessed with this cat:

huck is by far the most loving animal i've ever had (and i grew up in a menagerie).  it's been a little crazy since we got the dog, but now, a few months later, things have normalized and huck's back to sleeping curled up with me at night and following luke and i around the house.  i am in love and i'm not ashamed of it.  i woke up this morning to his little russian blue face and it was glorious.

recently, abe has also gotten brave enough to come through the berlin wall* to visit us in the living room.  mostly, he does a lot of this:

he's figured out how to open all the drawers and cabinets in the house (including the closet in our room), so he spends his days either curled up on the hand towels at the top of the hall closet or up in my clothes, eating holes in all my soft sweaters.**  he's super cozy and vocal, so it's like having a stuffed animal you can talk to.  that's kinda awesome.

in other news, i have to present my evolution vs. creationism powerpoint tonight.  i think it'll be fine.  especially because my master plan is to come bearing funfetti cupcakes, which are amazing and should win me good reviews from my fellow grad students.  also, i really want to eat one, so it's mostly for me.

*when we first got dess, the cats were terrified and she loved to sprint after them as they slid around on the wood floors trying to escape her.  luke bought a baby gate and cut out a small portion at the bottom of one of the barrier poles, therefore allowing the cats to come and go as they pleased but barring the dog from following them.  in first few weeks, there was a lot of a mournful crying and wistful staring coming from the bedroom side of the baby gate (thus, the berlin wall reference).  now, though, the cats realize they could claw out dess's eyes and therefore hold all the power.  also, dess can now leap over the gate from a sitting position, so keeping it up is more of a formality at this point.  maybe i'm just waiting for ronald reagan to tell me to take it down.

**having pets is like having children who never grow up and stop destroying things.  abe has had a form of pica that requires him to eat all the nicest fabrics in my closet since he was able to eat solid food.  i figured he'd grow out of it, but to this day, i'll pull something off a hanger only to realize there's a giant, cat-mouth-sized hole in the sleeve, or the hem looks like it's been eaten by a giant caterpillar.  the other day, dess ate through one of my beloved peace sign sandals, which i loved mostly because i always got compliments on them (as in, every single time i wore them, which was a lot).  and huck can sniff out any and all sugary treats i have in my bag and steal them.  the only time in two and half years he has ever hissed at me is when i was trying to snatch back a package of graham crackers he'd taken from my purse and dragged back to his lair behind the treadmill.

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