Thursday, February 3, 2011


this morning, i was up at 6:30, despite not having anything scheduled until class tonight.  this annoyed me, until i was able to catch up on three tv shows, finish a paper due tonight and complete my baby cocoon/hat combo for a friend's baby shower on saturday.  so, it's noon and i've done literal hours of work.  love it.

here's my cocoon.  forgive the bear.  it's not like i have a bunch of model babies hanging around here.

not being an expert by any means, i chose a pattern that doesn't read as well with this chunky yarn as it did with the lighter weight yarn suggested for it.  whatevs.  i think it's adorable.  and rustic and cozy, which is exactly what i wanted.  

i want a grown-up cocoon.

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Amperes said...

grownup cocoons... aka, sleeping bags