Wednesday, April 4, 2012

spring breakthrough

today marks the first day in three that i haven't had a splitting migraine from the moment i woke up to the moment i went to sleep.  i try to be a grown up these days and not panic at the slightest deviance from normal health and therefore, i was not immediately convinced that there was a brain aneurysm happening, but i got close.  so, imagine how pleased i am that it was not, in fact, that i was bleeding out into my skull - rather, i had a killer hormonal headache* paired with pretty top notch sinus congestion.  it's better now, so all is well.

in other news, i started my last quarter of my master's coursework yesterday.  i don't know how i feel about it.  i mean, i'm by no means done, as i'll still have to research and write a thesis.  if i'm feeling hopeful, i think i can finish that by december.  if i'm feeling fatalistic, i feel like it will never get done.  in addition, now i'm thinking i may get a second master's, in something like education (a decision part of me feels i should have made two years ago - hindsight being 20/20 and all). however, there is a satisfaction in knowing that after june, come what may with thesis nonsense, my life is my own again.  i will have a completely free schedule and will be able to work for money again, assuming i can find someone to hire me.  the good news is, though, that after months and months and months of having zero clue what i'd pursue post-graduation, i have a plan: i know i want to teach.  i've always loved to teach, i've always loved education, i've always advocated for passionate teachers and engaging curriculum.  that has always been a major passion in my life, and i think i would regret it for the rest of time if i continue to deny its importance to me.  therefore, i have a LIFE GOAL for once in my goddamn life.  now i just have to decide at what level i'll be teaching.  i love children, love preschool, love how incredibly brilliant children can be and how remarkable it is to watch them understand concepts most people think are beyond them.  so that's the plan.

and honestly, to have plan is pretty awesome.

*i apologize for the overshare.  however, i've gotten really shameless in my old age.

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